Wexford GAA


At Glen Fuels and Circle K:

3 cent per litre off petrol/diesel nationwide
1 cent per litre is donated by you directly to Wexford GAA
Total Saving
4 cent per litre on petrol and diesel

Additional Discounts at Participating Circle K Sites

  • 10 cent per litre off AdBlue at the pump
  • 10% off packaged AdBlue and lubricants
  • Up to 30% off car wash 
    At Circle K Company Owned Sites Only

Cash-Free Fuel

With over 450 service stations, Circle K has the largest branded fuel card network in Ireland.

This gives Wexford GAA Glen Fuel Card customers great choice for petrol, diesel, AdBlue and lubricants. 

  • Present your the pin-secure Glen Fuel Card at the till
  • Full payment is taken by direct debit every Friday

Control Over Expenses

Weekly e-invoice for tax return/expenses:

  • Service station location
  • Litres bought
  • Type of product bought
  • VAT breakdown
  • Weekly spend total


  • €160 refundable down payment required to secure weekly credit
  • Maximum weekly spend €200
  • No minimum weekly spend
  • Payment taken every Friday by direct debit
  • Because the Glen Fuel Card is not a credit card, it does not attract Government tax

Miles Fuels Plus Additive

High quality fuel delivers real and measureable benefits through fuel additive technology.

Circle K fuel experts have worked with an industry leading laboratory to develop a powerful in-fuel additive, scientifically proven to remove fuel combustion deposits from within the engine. 

Since 1986, Glen Fuels has been synonymous with top quality fuel:

Support the Model County Today

To apply for a Wexford GAA Glen Fuel Card, click here complete the online direct debit form.

To print and post the application form, click here

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