What are the benefits of a fuel card?

A fuel card can eradicate fuel fraud and reduce the risk of credit card fraud. 

Can I cap the spend on my Glen Fuel Card?

Yes, you can request a spend limit to each indivual Glen Fuel Card. 

What is the best fuel card?

We believe the Glen Fuel Card is the best independent fuel card in Ireland

What if I lose my Glen Fuel Card?

If you lose your Glen Fuel Card, please contact us immediately to cancel the card and issue a new one. 

What happens when my Glen Fuel Card expires?

You will be issued a new Glen Fuel Card before the expiration date. If you have not used your Glen Fuel Card in the previous six months, you will not receive a new card. 

Where can I use my Glen Fuel Card?

Glen Fuel Cards can be used at Circle K nationwide, Glen Fuels depots, truck stops and branded service stations. 

How do fuel cards work?

Instead of using cash, debit or credit card to pay for fuel, you present your Glen Fuel Card. We then take payment from you by direct debit. 


What is Circle K Play or Park?

All cash, card and Glen Fuel Card customers can collecft Play or Park points at Circle K nationwide. With these points, you can enter a draw to win an experience of a lifetime prize. The prize changes each month. 

Can I use the Glen Fuel Card abroad?

No, the Glen Fuel Card is valid only in the Republic of Ireland. 

When will I receive my Glen Fuel Card and pin?

As soon as our accounts department has set up your account, your Glen Fuel Card and pin will be issued. 

Will my fuel card and pin arrive at the same time?

Your Glen Fuel Card and pin number will arrive by post in two separate envelopes. 

What do I do when I receive my Glen Fuel Card and pin number?

When you receive your Glen Fuel Card and pin number, you are ready to refuel at any Circle K or Glen Fuels sevice station, depot or truck stop. 

Can I change the pin on my Glen Fuel Card?

No, it is not possible to change the pin on your Glen Fuel Card. 

Can I make changes to my Glen Fuel Card?

Yes. You can change address or contact details. You may add vehicles to your account. You can set a spend limit on each card.

Can I query activity on my Glen Fuel Card?

Yes, you can query any activity on your Glen Fuel Card. Please contact fuelcards@glenfuels.com.

You can also login to your Glen Fuels account, click here. If you do not know your password, please contact sales@glenfuels.com and one will be issued to you.