Corporate Fuel Cards


The Fuel Management Solution:

The Glen Fuel Card enables managers to control fleet expenses and driver activities with clear and detailed data. Our suite of services ensures your fleet is well managed thus eradicating fuel fraud. If your drivers require extra protection on the road, we have the security solutions you need.  

Eliminate Fuel Card Misuse:

Fuel fraud siphons time and money from your business. Choose from a suite of security services to protect your business and employees. 

  • GPS tracking
  • Confirmation the vehicle was at the forecourt where the card transaction was processed
  • Analysis of fuel consumption
  • Analysis of mileage covered against tank refills
  • Identify both efficient & inefficient driving styles
  • Vehicle utilisation analysis
  • Vehicle downtime analysis
  • Driver speeding analysis
  • Vehicle running costs i.e. wasted fuel/idle time
  • Vehicle compliance check

Best Fuel Discount Card:

  • Glen Fuels wholesale price minus a discount at Circle K nationwide
  • Exclusive discounts at Glen Fuels depots and truck stops (calculated on application)
  • 10cpl savings on AdBlue at the pump at participating Circle K sites nationwide
  • Collect Circle K Play or Park points
  • 30% off carwash at participating Circle K sites nationwide
  • Fixed weekly charge

Best Fuel Card in Ireland: 

The Glen Fuel Card is accepted nationwide.

Top Quality Fuel:

Since 1986 the name Glen Fuels has been synonymous with top quality fuel.

The Glen Fuel Card Benefits:

Compared to corporate credit cards, fuel cards are less prone to third party fraud. 

  • Traceable fuel
  • Level 3 transaction data
  • Cash free payment at the pump/in store
  • Pin-secure fuel card
  • One fuel card per person/vehicle
  • No minimum usage
  • Fortnightly direct debit payment gives you two weeks interest-free credit
  • Detailed invoicing
  • Free sign-up subject to terms and conditions
  • No hidden costs

Fixed Contract Fuel:

A fixed price fuel contract eliminates variable prices at the pump.

  • Suitable for businesses using a minimum 20,000 litres/annum
  • The Glen Fuels fixed price is subject to standard Glen Fuels commercial/agri credit terms.

Fast Filling Pumps

Glen Fuels depots and truck stops have fast filling pumps that dispense road diesel, kerosene and green diesel. 

Secure Control and Convenience Today:

To sign up to a customised Glen Fuel Card, please contact our fuel card department. 

Or for a standard Glen Fuel Card, please click here to complete the application form

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