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Family Fuel Card


Cheap Petrol and Diesel

Enjoy affordable driving.

Control and see fuel expenses. 

The Glen Fuel Card is for commuters, carers, students, and the whole family. 

Discounts off the Pump Price

At Participating Circle K:
(At Circle K company owned sites only)

  • 10 cent per litre off AdBlue pump price 
  • 10% off packaged lubricants and AdBlue 
  • Up to 30% off car wash 

Cash-Free Fuel

  • Present your pin-secure Glen Fuel Card at the till
  • Payment is taken in full by direct debit every Friday

Control Over Expenses

Weekly e-invoice for tax return/expenses:

  • Service station location
  • Litres bought
  • Type of product bought
  • VAT breakdown
  • Weekly spend total


  • €160 refundable down payment required to secure weekly credit of €200
  • Maximum weekly spend €200
  • No minimum weekly spend
  • Payment taken every Friday by direct debit
  • Because the Glen Fuel Card is not a credit card, it does not attract Government tax

Miles Fuels Plus Additive

High quality fuel delivers real and measureable benefits through fuel additive technology.

Circle K fuel experts have worked with an industry leading laboratory to develop a powerful in-fuel additive, scientifically proven to remove fuel combustion deposits from within the engine. 

Since 1986, Glen Fuels has been synonymous with top quality fuel:

Fueling Family Fun:

To apply for a personal use Glen Fuel Card:

Glen Fuels - Energy for Everything