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Family Fuel Card


Save Money at the Pump:

Glen Fuel Card is designed to make driving affordable for everyone.

It is ideal for individuals, parents, students, grandparents, nannies and carers. 

You can add two cars under your name, even if the vehicles are not kept at the same address. 

Discounts at Glen Fuels and Circle K:

  • 4 cent per litre off pump price on diesel
  • 4 cent per litre off pump price on unleaded

Discounts at Circle K only:

Control Over Family Expenses:

Prior to Glen Fuel Card, people did not know how much they spent on fuel. 

  • Weekly direct debit payment
  • Pin-secure fuel card
  • No minimum usage
  • No hidden costs or government tax
  • Weekly invoice: VAT, date, time, location, amount, fuel grade

Best Fuel Card in Ireland:

Glen Fuel Card is accepted nationwide at: 

Top Quality Fuel:

Since 1986 the name Glen Fuels has been synonymous with top quality fuel.

Fuel Distributors Association Ireland, Member
UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association, Member
Top 10 Top Fuel Oil Distributors
Irish Times Top 1000 Company

Secure Control and Convenience Today:

Apply for Glen Fuel Card - 

  • Click here to apply online
    • Click "Domestic"
    • Tick "Family Fuel Card"
  • To print and post the application form, click here

T&Cs apply