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Family Fuel Card


Affordable Family Fuel:

Glen Fuel Card is designed to make driving affordable for your immediate and extended family. It is ideal for parents, students, grandparents, nannies and carers. 

When setting up an account, you can add two cars under your name even if the vehicles are not kept at the same address. 

Fuel Card for Private Use:

Glen Fuel Card is the only independent fuel card valid at Glen Fuels and Circle K nationwide:

Control Over Family Expenses:

Everyone knows how much they spend on heating and lighting. But nobody knows how much they spend fueling their car(s). 

  • Fortnightly direct debit payment gives you two weeks interest-free credit
  • Cash-free payment at the pump/in-store
  • One fuel card per person/vehicle
  • Pin-secure fuel card
  • No minimum usage
  • Option to set maximum usage
  • No hidden costs
  • No Government tax
  • No minimum usage
  • Optional spend caps
  • VAT invoice

Best Fuel Card in Ireland:

Glen Fuel Card is valid nationwide at: 

Detailed Fuel Card Invoicing:

  • Date, time and location of refuel
  • Amount of fuel dispensed
  • Cost of fuel dispensed
  • VAT breakdown

Top Quality Fuel:

Since 1986 the name Glen Fuels has been synonymous with top quality fuel - petrol, diesel, green diesel and AdBlue.

Secure Control and Convenience Today:

Apply for a personal use Glen Fuel Card -