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Glen Fuel Card Solves Fleet Management Problems:

At Glen Fuels we recognise that managing any size of fleet can be a difficult task.

The Glen Fuel Card is the solution to all your management problems.

Glen Fuel Card Network

The Glen Fuel Card network offers your drivers an extensive network coverage coupled with competitive pricing and the reporting tools needed to keep on top of admin.

Weekly Fuel Price Changes

Don't worry about driving around service stations to compare prices.

Every Monday we advise you of your fixed weekly price. 

As a family Glen Fuel Card customer, you are guaranteed 4cpl off at all pumps nationwide. 

Detailed Invoicing

To manage company and family finances, you’ll receive a consolidated, VAT approved invoice.

This means fuel administration is reduced, claiming back VAT is simple and relying on driver receipts becomes a thing of the past.

Direct debit capabilities mean keeping on top of fuel spend becomes a simplified task.

Unlimited Driving

We have no minimum monthly spend and issue our Glen Fuel Cards free of charge.

All Glen Fuel Cards are pin protected and there is no fixed contract.

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